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Spark of Resistance

Book 2 in the Chronicles of Kamore Series.

“It’s okay to have moments of inadequacy, Luc. They’re pivotal in determining whether we have the grit to better ourselves or if we crumble under the pressure. Either way, we’ll learn a lot about ourselves as the changes keep coming.” Tyee rubbed the back of his neck. “I’ll catch you later.”

The Resistance has begun.

Three different paths, all leading to the inevitable.

Rae recovers on the Vengeance, but an untested captain and unpredictable weather threaten to derail her plans to reunite with her loved ones.

Tyee helps lead the members of the Circus into the Forest where danger lurks around every corner. His reality will be questioned when he encounters a familiar face with unknown intentions.

Vincenzio holds the city of Heimat with an iron fist as he seethes over losing his daughter. Blinded by his rage, he fails to see the Resistance gathering to strike where it matters most.

The battle for Kamore is coming…Which side will claim victory?