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Short Stories

These are small snippets, meant to introduce you to my writing style. This series of short stories is unofficially titled “Moments in Kamore: Before the Uprising.” They take place in the world of Kamore, before the start of Flicker of Defiance. More coming in the future!

Chiara’s Loss

For all those that have lost someone close to them.

person operating power tool
Johanna’s Origins

A story meant for those still searching for a place to call home.

stacked cairn rocks on top of canyon
Juno Starts a Journey

For those struggling to take the first step into something new.

towel on faucet near dish rack
Freya Steals a Cookie

A story about the bonds of siblings and sweet holiday memories.

brown wooden houses
Tamara in the Glass Shop

A story about what building community really means.

person holding hand of a person
Naomi and the Stranger

This is for those looking for a fresh start and the power of giving someone a chance.

tiger walking towards on green leaf plant during daytime
Conrad’s Moral Dilemma

This is intended to inspire others to do what’s right no matter the consequences.

brown wooden dock on sea during daytime
A Night on the Docks

A story for friends and dreamers.

green grass field with trees under white clouds and blue sky during daytime
Play Ball!

A story celebrating the bond between siblings. Inspired by the show Ted Lasso.