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Flare of Unrest

Book 3 in the Chronicles of Kamore Series.

Naya did her best to position herself as far from the dictator as she could, hoping to hide amongst the others, even with the lack of a cloak.

“Mother Stella, you are too kind. My son and I are happy to fund efforts as noble as yours.” Her gaze studied the young girls just starting their journey in serving the Goddess. “However, I can’t help but notice that two of them seem to be missing their habits.”

Shit. Naya never heard of a cloak being called a habit before, but she knew when she’d been caught. Her stomach clenched so hard she had to bite her tongue to keep from crying out.

Kamore has reached its breaking point.
The Circus gathers its forces in the shelter of the trees, preparing for the battles to come.
Queen Ulla and the Elven strike a deal with the Shifters of the Forest to end the exile they’d maintained for hundreds of years. At the expense of thousands of innocents.

Opposing missions put everyone at odds.
Myra seethes in the Capital as she feels her power ebbing away.
Rae and Tyee struggle to understand the bond between them as they do everything they can to master the power in their veins. The upcoming battles will test them like never before.

It’s time for the Magicae to take a stand.
The Resistance set their sights on reclaiming Heimat and taking vengeance for the ones they lost.

But will they be able to stand against Myra’s secret weapon?