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Flicker of Defiance

Book 1 in the Chronicles of Kamore Series.

The Magicae of Kamore are in hiding.
They have been since the night of the Uprising. The night when disaster struck, and the President of Kamore lost his head. Hunted and persecuted by the military, the Magicae must hide their magic to stand a chance of staying out of the clutches of a madwoman.

The show must go on.
The Circus was created to help save the Magicae marked by the power coursing through their veins, unable to stay hidden for long. The collection of Magicae and Mortals travel the country, searching for the oppressed while performing shows for the masses. They are living proof the two can live in harmony and become stronger for it.

The fire rages.
Rae is battling her guilt and anger towards the very patrons she must hide from. She struggles to keep her fire in check while she flies high on the trapeze.

Fear and defiance run rampant.
Tyee joined the Circus years ago as an equestrian performer but can’t seem to shake the memories of his past. He keeps the community and his feelings for Rae at arm’s length, clinging to his identity as a loner like armor.

Hope is wavering.
Nan is the resident fortune teller and story keeper for the caravan. She weaves words like the vines she’s connected to twine around a trellis. She can only hope they keep her people’s spirits alive during the darkest of nights.

Make the decision.
Duncan, the Ringmaster, treads water, keeping his head above water as the world he knows crashes around him.
After their unexpectedly brutal show season, the Circus heads north to their safe haven, far from the capital, for the winter. But change is in the air, and the only question left is what happens when hiding in plain sight is no longer an option?

Join the Circus… Join the Resistance…